What is happening to Marrickville Council?

Victoria Pye - Marrickville Independent

Last year the NSW government decided to amalgamate many councils across NSW, including Marrickville. They effectively sacked the elected council members and put in administrators. These administrators are not elected representatives and have been running the council for the last 12 months. 

Three old Councils (Marrickville, Ashfield and Leichardt) have been merged together to form one council named the Inner West Council.  This means we are going to have a much bigger area and population covered by only one council.

The new Inner West Council will have five wards; Marrickville, Stanmore, Ashfield, Leichardt and Balmain. Each ward will elect three councillors, so the new Inner West Council will have 15 members.

The five wards mentioned above have very different demographics, needs and wants. For example the median household income in Balmain is $2456 compared to $1406 in Marrickville, in Balmain more than 80% of residents speak only English, in Marrickville this is only 50% and in Ashfield it is 40%.  There is nothing better or worse about any area of the Inner West , they are just all very different and need different things from their representatives.

I think it is important that each ward on the Inner West Council has someone that will stick up for their Ward and fight for the things that residents need. This is why I am an independent. There needs to be someone on the new council who whole job is to represent Marrickville only, not to toe a party line or follow the policies set out already by other people in a political party. I think the council would be most effective if every Ward had at least one independent councillor who worked only for that Ward and answered only to the residents of their Ward. 

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