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Young Gay Independent, Victoria Pye, running a different a campaign

 Whilst the ‘Yes’ campaign for Marriage Equality is at full speed, Victoria Pye, 29, is currently in the midst of a different campaign. Victoria is aiming to be one of three councillors elected by residents to represent Marrickville on the newly formed Inner West Council. As an Independent, Victoria says her sole focus will be on representing the people of Marrickville, St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe without getting caught up in party politics.

 Half way through her campaign the postal plebiscite was announced and the Yes campaign for marriage equality has now started in earnest.

 “I’d really like to be out campaigning for the Yes side, but I just have to concentrate on my own campaign at the moment, and in 3 weeks, when it’s all over I can devote some energy to marriage equality” She said.

Victoria is the only woman and the only member of the LGBTI community to be at the top of group in her electorate.

 “The Council is there to represent the community, and I think it’s important that we have gay people on council, especially in the Inner West, which has a large LGBTI community compared to most other places. I want to be on a council that is as diverse as the people it represents” she explained.

 She goes on, “It’s impossible to be a voice for every woman, or every gay person, or even every lesbian as everyone is different, and wants different things. For the most part I see LGBTI people in the community as wanting the same things as everyone else, their rubbish taken out, a nice park to walk their dogs in,  plenty of green space, great public transport and a sense that development is being done well and in line with appropriate infrastructure. However, in saying that I think it is important to have a diversity of voices on council. Not just LGBTI voices, but all kinds of voices.

 But the fact is that, regardless of how much the community might like a large range of people to choose from, the parties decide who is nominated, in the case of my ward, there isn’t much variation.”

 Victoria sees having more women and LGBTI people in all levels of government as one of many things that are important in reaching a more equal society.

 “To get a more representative council there really needs to be a perfect storm of community desire, capable people putting their hand up and those people being able to run a solid campaign. I’m really hoping that by putting myself out there and going after it, the community desire for change and the support will follow” she explains.

 Victoria will have to wait until September 9, to find out if she has been successful.

 Victoria has campaigned heavily in the past for Marriage with Alex Greenwich and is a member of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby.

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