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Victoria Pye Marrickville Independent

This is a brief summary on where I stand on a lot of local issues, and what you can expect from me on council. It's not exhaustive by any means :) 

There are a few things I would be pushing for on the Inner West Council

- Improving public transport and active transport options around the Inner West, to ease congestion and help the environment.  

- Making sure development is done properly, not huge sets of apartments with no parking. Specifically I would like to see that new developments have sufficient parking for large apartments so that people aren't forced to park on local streets, but that if apartments are close to public transport there is infrastructure for walking, cycling and car share. It’s impossible to stop development, however we can make sure it is done well.

The plans for Marrickville and Sydenham that are currently out for comment are totally inappropriate and my submission on these plans can be found HERE  .

- Keeping green space, sports facilities , libraries and childcare. The old Marrickville council did a good job at this and I want to make sure that this is not watered down after the amalgamations.

- Opposing WestConnex and privatisation;  pushing for more public transport and cycling infrastructure. WestConnex is a terrible project, it has been poorly planned and there has been no transparency from the state government. I will continue to fight against it at all opportunities. Just because it has started does not mean we should stop fighting. 

- Doing everything we can at a community level to care for the planet. This means everything from promoting cycling, to recycling more, to getting more people to use Keep Cups, Reducing waste, fighting the pollution of WestConnex , cleaning up cooks river etc etc.

- Keeping Marrickville’s nightlife awesome, interesting and safe for everyone.

- making sure the new Council is transparent and free from corruption. As an Independent this is central to my mission. The new Inner West Council needs Independents to keep the major parties honest. 

- Helping small business’ to be environmentally friendly and reduce costs on waste collection by providing information and facilitating relationships between suppliers and buyers.

- Be an advocate for more affordable housing in the Inner West. 

- Attempt to improve services for the homeless. Homeless services are always being cut by the state governments and I believe that local government can play a role in helping homeless people.

- Ensuring the basics of council are done right - cleaning the streets, rubbish collection, mowing verges, these should all be no brainers for the new council and be done efficiently and consistently. 

- Being an approachable councillor, who actually lives in Marrickville and wants to make it better for residents. I have not ulterior motives, and I don't stand to gain anything other than a lovely place to live.  It might not seem like a "policy", but  being totally transparent and independent is an important part of what I want to achieve on council. 

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