Donate to Victoria

No party? No problems! ...Okay, maybe some problems..

Being an Independent means I don't have a party machine to back me up. Everything involved in campaigning I have to do myself or ask my friends. I like to think I have a lot of friends, but not as many as a political party has members and I also don't have a steady stream of donations to help me pay for things like design,printing and advertising. 

I promise that every cent donated will go into my campaign. 

The reason I need to ask for a residential address below is that you need to be able to be accounted for (not just a random PO box) this is to prevent illegal donations - so it's actually good. I will not use your address details for anything other than sending you a receipt - which I'm required to do by law!  

Please don't donate any money if you are one of the below people

- a property developer;
- a tobacco industry business entity;
- a liquor industry business entity;
- a gambling industry business entity;
- any industry representative organisation if the majority of its members are such prohibited donors; and
- a close associate of a prohibited donor.
- a registered political party (as I am in independent)

It is illegal, and also I don't want your money.

and please don't donate more than $2,600 (haha - i wish!).

Thanks for helping me in my campaign to be Marrickville's Independent.