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  • Petra Jones
    Hi there,

    I met you at the Sydenham to Bankstown over development meeting at the Marrickville Town Hall. You probably don’t remember me but when speaking with you, I advised I was a member of the Animal Justice Party. There are a number of issues that the AJP have asked it’s members to seek responses are. They are:

    Consider some of the following animal impacts directly influenced by local government councils’.

    Pound and shelter operation and management for companion animals.

    Management of the Companion Animals Act and how local laws are made and enforced.

    Operation, management and enforcement with boarding kennels.

    Reviewing approving and monitoring of development applications for breeding facilities including for greyhounds, puppy factories, intensive factory farms, slaughterhouses and saleyards.

    Reviewing and assessing applications for animals used for entertainment, sport or profit including circuses, rodeos, petting zoos, pet shops and laboratories.

    Reviewing and assessing development applications which relate to land clearing/development and corresponding impacts to native wildlife, including habitat, groundwater and surface water impacts.

    There’s also been a lot of press around the pesticide 1080 that Mark Pearson (and others) is trying to ban.

    Just wondering where you stand on animal rights issues as well as the important issues you have raised regarding pubic transport, development, green space, helping small business etc.

    Many thanks Victoria

  • Diana Williams
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