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Marrickville local passionate about sustainable and friendly communities, equality, public transport, local democracy and more!

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    Who am I and what am I about? (Tôi là ai?)


    Who am I, why do I want to be an independent councillor in the Inner West Local council and what do I believe in? 

    Tôi là ai, tại sao tôi lại muốn trở thành ủy viên độc lập tại hội đồng thành phố Inner West và tôi tin tưởng vào điều gì?

    I’m a 29-year-old Marrickville local. I’ve lived in Marrickville for 5 years and the Inner West for 8 years.  Both my parents grew up in the Inner West, my dad lived on Riverside Crescent in Marrickville and used to go swimming in Cooks River (seems really gross now!). They moved to the Central Coast to raise a family and that’s where I grew up. I commuted from Terrigal to Sydney University to complete my degree, and once I finished and got a job I moved into an apartment in Dulwich Hill with friends. In between then and now I’ve moved to Marrickville, completed a Master’s degree in statistics and developed a keen interest in democracy and independent politics.

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    What Matters in Marrickville

    If you click here you can do me a massive favour and complete my survey. 

    It will help me know what matters to you and how I can be represent you! 


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